Ultima II Guide, Touch-Scrolling Tables

Two updates today.  The much larger is the new Ultima II guide, probably the most complete guide I’ve added so far.  (Which seems strange since no one cares about Ultima II, and I don’t even like the game very much.)  It has full dungeon and area maps, all of which have interactive features, and even screenshots of enemies.  One of these days I may go back and add the same treatment to the older guides, but we’ll see.  At any rate, it’s the most complete Ultima II guide I know of, so hopefully all three people on Earth who care about Ultima II will check it out!

The smaller but more significant addition is touch scrolling support for tables on mobile platforms.  By default, internal scrollbars don’t function on mobile, so up until now the tables have been less than useful.  Well, now you can scroll with a swipe, which should improve the mobile/iPad experience dramatically.  Enjoy!

43 thoughts on “Ultima II Guide, Touch-Scrolling Tables

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