Timing is Everything… in FFXIV Gathering

I’ve always been pretty proud of my FFXIV timers page, but I have not updated it for Heavensward… until today!  The biggest issue with the previous format is that the one-hour unspoiled point slots in Heavensward didn’t leave enough space for much text, so I switched that particular display to a 12-hour version.  Every HW unspoiled node appears at the same time AM and PM currently, so this works.  Of course, as soon as a patch breaks that pattern – which could happen as soon as tomorrow – then I’ll need another plan.

But that’s not all!  I also added ephemeral points to the page.  Since, unlike unspoiled nodes, those are actually spread out throughout the day, this may be a very handy reference.  The bunched-up nature of the HW unspoiled nodes just makes it even more painful that I haven’t added an alarm feature yet.

Of course, the timers page is great, but sometimes you are looking to craft something and just want to know when the material you need is available.  Unspoiled and ephemeral node timers now have countdowns on the gathering point list.  There is a similar feature on the fish guide, though that remains woefully incomplete at the moment.  The countdown will also show up on individual gathering log and fish guide pages.  It even appears in cross-referenced tables, as you can see here.

I’m pretty excited for 3.1, even though it will probably force me to do a bunch of guide updates.  I’ve been avoiding trying to gather data on extracurricular activities, so don’t expect data on Lords of Verminion just yet.  Though if it’s fun enough, we’ll see.

24 thoughts on “Timing is Everything… in FFXIV Gathering

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