The Gamer Corner Guides Blog

I’ve been running the Gamer Corner Guides site for some time now, and it’s been steadily gaining traffic.  I want the site to be as useful and convenient as it can be, and one of the obstacles in the way of that goal has been a lack of easy communication with users.  Yes, users can send me feedback (and I wholeheartedly thank those who have!), but aside from the version history, there’s really no way to learn about new features I add to the site.  There are a number of cool features no one ever uses, like the checkboxes, and my intent is to make them more convenient and obvious so people can take full advantage of the site.

Rather than clutter the guides site with my own ramblings, I’m going to keep all site news, updates, and discussion on this blog.  My intent is to have posts that explain certain features, and link to those posts on the site as a way to easily get help for those functions.  I’ll also announce anything new and what’s in development.

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