Sorting is Fixed

Every time someone leaves feedback, I get a little alert telling me that there’s new feedback, and then I go to the feedback page. Recently, I got some feedback and checked the page to find a note asking for more cross-referencing in the guide. Since that was sent from an FFXIII page, I assumed the user wanted the same sort of linking the newer guides have on the FFXIII guide, and set out to make that happen.  As a result, the FFXIII guide cards should be a lot more usable going forward.

However, as I discovered, that was all a lie. It turns out I had broken the sorting on most of the guides, including the feedback module, which prevented me from noticing the actual latest feedback: that sorting was broken.  Yes, the sorting bug prevented me from learning about the sorting bug.  Oops!  The good news is, sorting is now fixed.

I want to thank guide user Joe for pointing that out, even though it took me way too long to notice. In my defense, I’ve been extremely busy with my day job and continue to be so. (Which is also why the FFVII guide is, unfortunately, not making any progress. It may be delayed all the way until the end of the month. 🙁 )

26 thoughts on “Sorting is Fixed

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