Retro Reviews!

One of the main things I wanted to do by making my own WordPress theme was add a new aspect to the blog: reviews. I like to review the games I play to collect my thoughts and look back at times, so I have quite a few reviews lying around in various places. Now, I want to consolidate them here.

As the title mentions, I’m focused mainly on retro reviews, for the simple reason that I’ve been playing a lot of retro games lately. (This is the main reason progress on the Final Fantasy VII guide has stalled, so sorry about that!) And when I say “retro” I mean it: the main platform I’ve been playing is the original NES.

I do want to mention a few things about these reviews up front. I really like retro games, and I score them with that in mind. Given the choice, I would definitely rather play Mega Man 2 than almost any modern action game, so I’m going to give it a high score. If you have serious issues with old, pixelated graphics, I suggest you take my scores and opinions with a generous grain of salt. I will be reviewing modern games I happen to play as well, but I’m not grading old games on a curve or anything. I genuinely don’t have an issue with SD graphics. I mean, I’m playing these games on an actual CRT even though I have a ton of HD options. So keep that in mind.  (That said, I can’t deal with terribly play control in any era.)

The reviewed games won’t be restricted to games I’ve made guides for, or even RPGs. Despite the nature of my site, I’m a fan of many game genres. I will be putting up a retro review every Tuesday until I run out, which should take quite a while. Any non-retro reviews will go up whenever I get around to writing them. I hope you guys enjoy these, and I’m looking to add a few more types of non-guide content to the blog as well, so keep an eye out!

164 thoughts on “Retro Reviews!

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