Releasing FFXIV Data

So, retiring the FFXIV guide has proven to be an unpopular decision.  I am honestly kind of surprised by this, but it’s certainly nice to see that there are other people out there who cared about something besides endgame.  So I thought I would toss those who still want to use the guide an olive branch, and provide the data used to actually generate it.

This data takes the form an Excel file, and has everything that was on the guide and a few things that never quite made it.  It’s obviously not as nicely cross-referenced as the site, but it’s fairly complete.  (Well to be totally transparent, it’s complete for pre-Heavensward. Most of the items and recipes were updated for 3.0 and maybe 3.1, and a few random tidbits like quests have been updated for some of 3.2.)

If some enterprising soul wants to use this data for their own site, they have my blessing.    For my part, I’m going to publicly promise not to try to make a guide for an MMO again, and hopefully if/when I stupidly go back on that decision some day, someone will link me this post and slap me.

Get the FFXIV guide data (3M)

EDIT: I also put up a publicly editable Google doc, in case anyone actually wants to keep this up-to-date or make it more human readable.

27 thoughts on “Releasing FFXIV Data

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