More Colors for Cards!

Having all gray cards seemed a bit dreary, so I went ahead and added a bit of color to the FFXIV cards.  Much of it is mostly aesthetic, making visual information that’s already available on the card.  (For instance, hostile monster cards are red, while passive monster cards are blue.)

The one exception is something I find very helpful.  Armor is now color-coded based on who it’s for.  The colors are based loosely on the in-game role colors (blue for tank, red for DPS, green for healer), with a few changes to add some granularity.  The primary change is that magic DPS is purple instead of red, since magic DPS uses an entirely different set of gear than other DPS.  Different shades are also used (dark blue is for tank gear that is also usable by Lancers, bright red is used for ranged DPS).  This change should make it very easy to see at a glance who a piece is made for.  As a general rule, the color coding should correspond somewhat to who can roll “Need” for a given item on the loot list.

61 thoughts on “More Colors for Cards!

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