Making Progress!

After many years of ignoring todos on the subject, I’ve finally gone back and finished the FFVIII Junction Workshop. Things like ST-Def-J are now counted as redundant if you have ST-Def-Jx2 or ST-Def-Jx4, and GFHP+X% abilities are redundant if the GF’s HP at level 99 would be 9999 without them.  In addition, the page is now mobile friendly…ish.  It’s certainly usable, but by its nature it’s not a great experience if you can only see a small amount of information at a time.  Nonetheless, that was the last mobile unfriendly page on the site that I was aware of, so that’s something!

I’ve also added a “new guide coming soon” widget to the home page, mostly to keep myself honest.  Which means it is official, I am indeed working on the Final Fantasy VII guide.  It doesn’t look like it will be at all applicable to the remake, but it’s a classic game and purists like me will still play the original forever anyway.  Because who needs progress?!  Oh wait, that’s the title of this post… never mind.

34 thoughts on “Making Progress!

  1. I love your guides and I’m looking for to FF7. Do you gather all your data yourself or do you take some info from other guides?

  2. I try to do everything myself, though I use sometimes use other guides as a resource to determine what I should be looking for in the first place. PS1-era games like FF7 tend to be the trickiest, because they’re too big to easily ROM hack but not modern enough to provide the information in-game. (That’s one of the main reasons I made a guide for FF8 first: the junction system information can all be gathered in game with a bit of patience.)

    1. I can’t wait for your FFXII guide. It’s my favorite and I think you’ll do it justice.

      1. Thanks, I appreciate that! FFXII was in some ways my inspiration for making these guides in the first place, and one of my favorites as well. I think I’m finally ready to tackle it the way it deserves.

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