Lots and Lots of Changes

Since I quit FFXIV, I’ve had a lot more time to play RPGs and work on the site.  And as you’ve probably noticed, the site has undergone some significant changes recently.  The most obvious is a new, dark color scheme (and a move away from the previous, Windows 8-inspired design), but the most important is that the entire site* should now be mobile friendly!  That’s been a long time coming, and I hope it will vastly improve the site experience on all devices.  Part of making the site mobile-friendly was making it generally run faster, so everyone should benefit.

(*except the FF8 junction workshop. I’m open to ideas there!)

There are a lot of big Final Fantasy games coming out: the Final Fantasy VII and XII re-makes, as well as FFXV, and my goal is to create guides for the originals before the remakes come out, starting with FFVII. These are games I haven’t played in a while so it should be fun to revisit them, particularly FFXII.

I also hope to be a bit more communicative about the site going forward, and to that end I have created a Facebook page that this blog will post content to, along with the new (old!) Twitter account.  So let me know what you think, as long as it’s all positive!

494 thoughts on “Lots and Lots of Changes

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