Interactive Recipe Breakdowns

I’ve added a feature I’ve been thinking about for some time, and I think you’re going to like it.  The site does a good job of telling you where to find or purchase all of the materials needed for a given craft, but it’s not as good at helping you make a shopping list for crafting.  Well, no more!  Now every recipe page will break down each material, and you can select how you intend to get each one.  If you want to focus on your crafting class to the exclusion of everything else, choose to buy items from vendors, or choose ‘other’ and get your materials from the markets.  If you want to level a range of crafting and gathering classes, you can pick which ones you would like to use in the craft, and the system will break down the level requirements for each.  It’s that simple!

141 thoughts on “Interactive Recipe Breakdowns

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