Version 4.0.0 Launched

Unlike previous primary version number releases, there is no layout redesign for 4.0.0.  However, there have been a huge amount of backend changes, and one very prominent change in how data is presented: cards.

When a friend introduced me to jQuery Masonry a while back, I had the idea for cards.  Basically, a “card” is a single-column, condensed bit of data from a single page.  You can see Masonry in use on the search page, but there will be more to follow later.  Most tables on the site will be displayable as a collection of cards, and some of the simpler ones will be displayed that way by default.

The biggest practical improvement from cards is that virtually every link on the site will load a card preview on hover.  Individual pages have also been redesigned so the entire card is always in view, including the notes that used to have that same behavior.

I think cards will make the site a lot more convenient to use, and I hope you like them.  There are a ton of other improvements in this release, but I’ll talk about those later.  If anyone is into obscure Sega Master System Zelda clones, check out the new Golvellius guide.  Golvellius was the very first game I really mapped out and made a “guide” for, so when I needed something relatively simple to use as a proof of the card concept, it seemed a nice, nostalgic choice.  Of course, the guide’s cards are somewhat incomplete, but you can’t have everything.

Two other quick things: I have rebranded my personal Twitter account into a GC Guides account, which I’ll be using to discuss updates, fun facts, or whatever else occurs to me.  Also, I’ve put the majority of the site code up on Github, if you’re some kind of code voyeur.

Anyway, enjoy 4.0.0!  There will be a lot more to come in the near future.