Monster List: Tamed

One of the main purposes in creating an FFXIII-2 guide was to create an all-encompassing guide to tamed monsters.  That turned out to be a lot more work than I initially expected.  But after months of chipping away at it, the 8000+ line spreadsheet containing every level for every monster* is finally complete!  I feel like this has greatly enhanced the guide’s usefulness, since you can now quickly look up where to get useful abilities or race abilities.

*Well, every monster in the base game.  There are still a few DLC monsters I have yet to tame, but they should be up over the next few days.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide Launched!

The guide isn’t complete, but by popular demand, I’ve put up what I have so far.  Currently, the guide is a handy reference for various systems, but it doesn’t have much in terms of a walkthrough or guide to where things are found.  These will be coming soon.

The long-term goal for this guide is to have complete crystarium data for all roles and tamed monsters.  This information will take some time to gather, but once there’s a decent amount of it, I’ll add the structure to the guide in the expectation of updating the data over time.

As always, I am happy to receive any feedback, including (constructive) criticism.  There are a number of nice changes suggested by users that have been added as part of this update.  I hope you enjoy!

FFXIII-2 Guide in Development; FFVIII Guide Completed

For those wondering, yes, I am planning to make a guide for FFXIII-2.  However, I don’t have any inside info or anything, and just got the game today, so unfortunately it will be some time before I’ve gathered much useful information on it.  It certainly seems like the kind of game that could use this type of guide, though, so it will happen sooner or later.

Meanwhile, after much stalling I’ve finally finished the walkthrough portions of the FFVIII guide.  I wanted to get this done before focusing on FFXIII-2, and I’m pretty happy with the result.  In addition to adding the walkthrough and related notes, I invested in a good quality PVR so I could take screenshots.  In a perfect world I’ll go back and update the older guides with some graphics, but for now my focus is mostly on using it going forward.  I have a lot of plans for the future, but right now it’s all about pushing the data out there.