Final Fantasy ATB “Guide”

If you’ve played Final Fantasy All The Bravest, you are probably aware it does not need a guide.  The entire strategy of the game can be summed up as “rub the screen a lot.”  That said, I still find the game strangely fun, and I managed to unlock everything in the game*.  Since half the fun is looking at the sprites and flavor text, I figured a guide was in order.  It is actually useful to locate rare enemies and their drops, but I can hardly justify a guide just for that.  Really, the guide exists because it was very easy to make.

*At present, the guide only covers the things included with the $3.99 price of the game, and none of the DLC.  There is really no justification for $47 worth of FFATB DLC.  I mean, it has no gameplay!  That said, I am an idiot and a sucker and if (when?) I give in and hand Square Enix my money, I will put up the premium information as well.  So you don’t have to!