Final Fantasy XIV Guide

The FFXIV guide has actually been up for a while now, but since the new patch was imminent, I didn’t think it was worth announcing.  Well, 1.20 has arrived, and the guide has been updated for it.  I used the patch notes to handle all the gear conversions, but there are some unlisted tweaks and I’m not certain everything is accurate.  I’ll be updating as long as I play, though, so it should be pretty close at least.

I want to make clear that I’m not trying to compete with the various wikis or anything.  This guide is pretty much just for me.  Why?  Why not!  Actually if I’m being honest, gathering information is the most enjoyable part of FFXIV (that is not an endorsement, lol).  I plan to keep adding more information and more lists as time goes on, but I’m not going to be giving constant updates.  The important things – all the recipes and gear stats – are already present.

216 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV Guide

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