Final Fantasy XIV Guide Redux

I’ve been having a lot of fun in the FFXIV beta, so I couldn’t resist revising the old guide and putting it up.  They’ve better organized the game this time, so the guide is likewise a bit more straightforward.  This one has all the nice features I have in my repertoire, and should be very fast even when there’s a lot of data.

That hints at the issue with the guide, though: there is, as of this writing, almost no data.  In truth, there is just enough to design the guide structure.  Once open beta starts, I will start adding to it in earnest, but for now it’s mostly conceptual.  Also it looks like the fact that the new game actually tells you things inside the interface means they won’t be releasing all the crafting and gathering information to level 50 on the website.  I’ll add what I can, which is at least level 30 in every job, but this is likely to remain a mid-level guide for a while.

In other guide news, I recently revised the cross-referencing logic in the guide, and made cross-guide cards a bit nicer.  Cards for the current guide no longer have color strips, and those from other guides now say the guide they’re from on the strip.  For example, see the history of the Masamune (at least in the games I’ve covered) on any Masamune page.  If your display supports it, cross-referenced cards will appear in the reference bar instead of taking up valuable space in the main area.  Enjoy!

24 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV Guide Redux

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