FFXIV Improvements

I had been on hiatus from FFXIV for a while, but with the recent patch 1.23 and the Realm Reborn announcement, I’ve been trying to get a few things done.  I’m concentrating on things that won’t be going away once 2.0 hits, which means more useful crafting information and less scouting the countryside for monster drops and such.  This means a lot of information is incomplete, but I did add two new features which should be of great help to crafters and anyone who likes to use food.

If you’re a crafter, you are no doubt aware that many crafting materials are themselves crafted.  Tracking down exactly what you need to create a given item can be fairly complicated.  To help with this, all craftable items now list every known method of obtaining the required crafting materials.  Not only that, this feature goes multiple levels deep, so it will also list materials required to create other materials (or those required to create yet more materials, and so on).  This data can be a bit cluttered at times – for instance, any recipe using table salt will list a wide variety of fish because table salt can be created from sea sand – but it should still be very helpful.

The flip side to this is a bit simpler to read: these pages also now list anything you can create with a given item, even if it requires multiple crafts.  For instance, the mythril ore page still lists that mythril ore can be crafted into mythril ingots, but it also shows everything you can make with those mythril ingots (again, multiple levels deep).  This feature is more useful for gatherers, since it lets you see at a glance which materials are potentially useful. To facilitate finding crafts of appropriate level, these recipes are sorted by their level.

The other new feature is an “optimal level range” display for food.  If you go to the page for a specific type of food, it will list this optimal range for each stat it benefits.  What this range means is that, if the stat in question falls within the listed parameters, this food will give the best possible bonus to that stat.  In many case, multiple food types will give the same bonus for a given stat range, so these ranges do overlap.  (This makes it easy to transition from one food type to another.)  Best of all, if you take a look at the page for a given stat, it will list every food that enhances that stat, along with the optimal ranges, in order from lowest to highest.  This should make it very easy to determine the best food for a given class or job.  Of course, I can only compare a single stat at a time – it’s up to you to decide which secondary stats are worth concentrating on.

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