FFXIV Guide is Now Archived

After several requests, I have decided to put the old FFXIV guide back up for those who still want to use it.  It will not be updated and is a wholly separate instance of the site without several features (such as users and checkboxes), but the data is all there, as I left it.  Please don’t expect any updates or anything, but enjoy the restored guide.

The guide uses the same URLs but at a new domain: ffxiv.gamercorner.net.  Links to the old site should redirect you to the archive.  Similarly, Google searches should likely still work.  Let me know if there are any major bugs in how the site works.

Finally, I want to apologize for so hastily removing it.  I’m glad you guys care enough to speak up about it!

107 thoughts on “FFXIV Guide is Now Archived

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