FFXIV 2.3 Updates, FFVI Progress

The FFVI guide data collection was going well until FFXIV patch 2.3 came out and derailed all my momentum.  Them and their fun quests!

Fortunately (?), I’ve done most of the basic content in 2.3 and I (still) have no particular interest in grinding out any of the high-level stuff, so hopefully I can get back into the FFVI groove.

First, though, I wanted to mention the updates I’ve made for FFXIV.  All of the new items, recipes, dungeon drops, and so on are in.  Unfortunately a lot of the newer systems use a lot of data I can’t practically gather.  Desynthesis (or “desynthisis”, apparently) is a good example – even if I had the time to desynth everything, I’d need three characters to do it.  I did at least add whether an item can be desynth’ed to cards.  I’m trying to decide if it’s worth adding a desynth column to item lists themselves, or perhaps having “items this class can desynth” lists on class pages.  That seems largely redundant with crafting lists in general, but perhaps “items this class can desynth that it can’t craft” would be better.  Of course that wouldn’t tell you that culinarians can’t desynth food and alchemists can’t desynth potions, both of which seem pretty relevant.  I’m open to opinions here.

27 thoughts on “FFXIV 2.3 Updates, FFVI Progress

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