FF6, FF7, and the Nature of Criticism

Final Fantasy VI may be my favorite games in the series. Final Fantasy 7 is my least-favorite. This started as backlash to its popularity, but I’ve refined my criticisms over time. There’s just one problem: my issues with FF7 generally apply to FF6 as well.

FF7 isn’t really high fantasy, but nor is FF6. Sephiroth is an overwrought villain, but less so than Kefka. Both games’ translations miss many series references. The characters in FF7 are effectively interchangeable due to materia, but FF6’s esper system has similar problems. I find Cloud distractingly angsty, but I feel the same way about Terra.

I had to rethink my position on both games once I realized this. Is my analysis of FF7 wrong? Is my love of FF6 simple nostalgia? Perhaps, but I think this is more straightforward: it’s easy to criticize things you don’t like.

I could pick apart any game in the series, including the ones I love. Indeed, I would use many of the same arguments as haters of the series. I still love the series anyway.

The truth is, I don’t know why I like FF6 or dislike FF7 as much as I do. I think people are generally very bad at identifying why they feel the way they do about something. For almost any singular criticism of a game, you can name a game that’s great despite doing the same thing. As a Final Fantasy fan in 2014, I remind myself of this often.

26 thoughts on “FF6, FF7, and the Nature of Criticism

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