Even More Guide Layout Changes

Every time I change the site design, another change occurs to me.  As a result, I’ve overhauled the site layout three times in the past few weeks.  I’m a little worried about the current version.  The header is now fixed, and the footer is gone, which will allow me to make some useful changes down the road.  Specifically, I want to allow users with large monitors to take advantage of them, without breaking the experience for those on iPads or tiny laptops.  What worries me about this iteration is the change to how you navigate the site.

The navigation tabs were far and away the ugliest part of the redesign, and the logical way to solve that problem was to do what I’ve done: put all the tabs in a drop-down menu.  The upside is that you can now see every page at a glance, but the downside is that this has added an extra click to most navigation.  I’m really not sure how much of an issue that is going to be.  I will probably at least have the index open on mouseover, but for now I hope it is intuitive enough.

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